Our mission is simple: To provide you with a great selection of kids’ books for unbeatable prices. makes it easy and fun to shop for great books. Visit our friendly website and browse collections curated by our own book-loving staff. Then, order more books without breaking your budget.

This world is as challenging as it is fascinating. And if our children are going to survive and thrive here, there will be a lot of things they will need to learn. You’re someone who has chosen to be an influential and inspirational mentor in the lives of children — in the case of your own children maybe the most important mentor they will ever have.

So don’t give up. Curl up — with more quality books for your little future movers and shakers. Watch their faces light up as exciting new adventures show up at your door. Watch the wheels in their minds turn as they face new challenges and puzzles. Laugh and giggle along with them in their amusement. Search for the lessons and the tall tales and the memories that remain to be discovered among the pages of more good books.

As a company, we encourage our people to dream big, use their imagination and approach life with child-like wonder. We strive to set an example in our industry by continuously growing and innovating. In 2021, we have been recognized for being a leader by being awarded the Canada’s Best Managed Companies designation.

Our parent company, Book Depot, has been in the book business for over 30 years and is one of the largest bargain book sellers in North America. With the buying power of such a large organization behind us, we are able to procure a great selection of books for the best prices. We purchase huge volumes of store returns and excess inventory from many publishers and pass along our savings to you. Most are marked by the publisher with a small line or dot on the edge. Our books are always new, unread, and in good condition.

Shop with confidence knowing the best price is always guaranteed!

Your book will always be new and in good condition. Since our books are publisher overstocks there may be very minor wear or bends to the book and this can be expected since some items may have been handled a few times, but most of our books are in great condition.

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